San Miguelito


San Miguelito is a new destination that offers wildlife tours in and in around the area, it has operated as an open range conservationist cattle/ water buffalo ranch for more that 50 years.  The property is located 190 km east of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, located along the San Julian River 40 km  west San Antonio de Lomerio.  These wetlands are home to one of the highest densely  populated jaguars habitats in South America as recorded by study done by the WCS (Wildlife Conservation Society)  recording wildlife with camera traps. (http://www.wildexplorations.com/jaguar/download/andy_noss.pdf )  This area is known as the cereal belt of Bolivia meaning the majority of the neighbors have cleared their forests for agriculture making this small protected area with a fragmented agriculture landscape a refuge for a vast majority of the wildlife in Santa Cruz.

Our conservation ranch is one of the only area in Latin America to confirm six different cat species living in the same lowlands area including jaguars, puma ocelot, margay, Geoffrey’s cat and the jaguarundi  to the WCS camera trap survey.  We have implemented a tourism project called “Ruta de Jaguar” to compensate for the annual loss of cattle produced by these big cats.  Our goal is to work  in coordination with local communities to protect the jaguar and by creating an awareness that jaguar as an umbrella species in our eco-system.  We plan on using  this big cat as a new symbol for this area of Bolivia to promote tourism and provide new opportunities for the neighboring villages by training people to make handmade crafts and tour guides.

San Miguelito offers a variety of different activities such as trekking over 25 km of hiking trails and checking camera traps located along the trails to view the variety of wildlife that inhabit the area. View animals from our one on of our several viewing platforms.  There are several  natural lookout locations on the hikes.  We also offer boat and floating trips to see a wide variety of wildlife along the river as well as 4×4 trips for more adventurous people as well as fishing.  We also provide horseback rides for a quiet alternative to view wildlife.  After your daytime adventure enjoy relaxing around the campfire and stargazing on the viewing platform.





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