Can jaguar tourism save Bolivia’s fast dwindling forests?

Duston Larsen, the owner of San Miguelito Ranch, is working to reverse that trend by upending the perception that jaguars necessarily need be the enemy of ranchers. Go to Link Read More

Viewing Platform for observing wildlife

A new activity we offer is observing wildlife from a two and half meter viewing platform. Close enough to see many different mammal and bird species that live in San Miguelito. Read More

Fun for the whole family

At San Miguelito there is fun for people of all ages. Read More

Tour to San Antonio de Lomerio

We combine culture with biodiversity by offering tours to San Antonio de Lomerio from San Miguelito. This beauiful traditional village was the first indigeous community to be declared a national treasure for its living culture where they still speak their native language "BESIRO". Read More

Intership Program

We offer many different activies for interns to participate in at the Ranch.... Read More

Ranch Experience

Enjoy a few days on our ranch and participate in different ranch activiies that are avaible for guests. Read More

River trip

A canoe trip is a great way to quietly a view the diversity of wildlife by navigating the San Julian River along the private reserve. Read More

Bird watching

San Miguelito is proud to present to you a variety of bird species that you may observe in a close proximity to the lodge for your viewing pleasu...

Read More

Trekking to the Jaguar Cave

The Jaguar Cave and the surrounding area filled with life all kinds of life with an amazing view of the Chiquitano flood plain covered with palm trees... Read More


After an early morning hike checking camera traps or birdwatching try your luck fishing in our from a variety of stockdamns or the river in San Miguelito..... Read More